if we grow it, they will eat it

Well, maybe not.


The four little foodies have done a great job helping with the veggie garden, from sewing seeds to weeding and watering. (These tomatoes were started from seed and are now comfortably settled in their bed.)

IMG_4612 IMG_4615 IMG_4619

The reward for all that work is the first harvest of the season. Radishes, red lettuce, arugula, and spinach are always the first tidbits consumed from our small plot of earth. And, to my delight, this year we have been swamped with the greens. But the littles don’t seem quite as enamored as I with our produce. Most will eat the lettuce, a couple will consume the spinach, and even one dares an occasional feather of arugula. Radishes, however, are only enjoyed by the man and me.

Red lettuce, spinach, and arugula.

And because I can’t say that I tried arugula at age 4, 7, 10, or even 11, maybe our motto should be, “If we grow it, they will pick it.” It’s a good start.

Bearing gifts.

Bearing gifts.


3 thoughts on “if we grow it, they will eat it

    • I’m not sure how little is “little”, but assuming we’re talking tiny, here are a couple of suggestions. G (husband who happens to be a horticulturist) recommends this book: Square Foot Gardening.
      Lettuce, tomatoes, and herbs are easily grown in large planters or containers, which are easy to water and move around. Beans are also a good one to grow in a limited space because the vines have a high yield. I would avoid the sprawlers, such as squash and cukes. Carrots also might not do well in a small space.
      Happy planting!

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