works-for-me wednesday: green bags as seen on tv


I am not a sucker. I don’t usually run out and buy products just because the happy lady on television tells me to. Word-of-mouth recommendations, however, are golden.

After my foodie cousin told me about these green bags and gave one to me to try, I was sold and sought them out at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Little did I know that the packaging said in a bold red and white graphic, “As Seen on TV.”

Now, I knew these bags worked, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit self-conscious on my way to the register. Buying something with “As Seen on TV” stamped on it implies two things: first, that the buyer has watched the infomercial on TV; and second, that she believes that infomercial. But in the quest for crisper lettuce, I swallowed my pride and am happily enjoying our garden greens for much longer than I thought possible.

We picked our last spinach harvest more than a week ago. G washed the leaves in cold water, dried them in the salad spinner, and we put them in the green bag. This is what the spinach looks like today:


Pretty amazing.

A few things about the bags:

  • they are expensive ($9.99 for 20 bags).
  • they are reusable.
  • they work on salads, any greens, grapes, celery, carrots (these are what I’ve tried – they are supposed to work on other produce as well).

I’m no scientist and cannot explain how the bag works, except that somehow it slows down the ripening process. Seeing is believing – and we’re believers.

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7 thoughts on “works-for-me wednesday: green bags as seen on tv

  1. This was a great post. I agree with you on infomercials. But they’re SO tempting. But in general, I automatically discount anything there, so yes — a word of mouth recommendation is golden.

  2. Thanks so much for testing these out for the rest of us! I’ve seen the infomercial too but was skeptical since I’ve wasted money on more than a few products “as seen on TV!” I will definitely give these a try next time I see them.

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