my new baby

No. Not that kind of baby.

My husband, G, is good to me. He always gets me a card for my birthday, usually gets me a gift, sometimes cooks me dinner, and occasionally all three. And this was an all-three year.

Because we weren’t home when the delivery man came last week, we got a note saying that UPS was holding my birthday package hostage. Let me back up and say that I am rarely surprised. Even when my sweet friends planned a “surprise” baby shower for me, I knew. (G had taken my “need-before-baby-comes” list and copied it, then didn’t put it back. Don’t mess with a mom-to-be’s baby list.) So I had some inkling (and hope) as to what this year’s surprise would be – and that sticky note (and later that night, my husband) confirmed it. I almost kissed my UPS man when he delivered the package the next day.

Here’s my new baby:


And this one came with a manual!

I have a long way to go to master (or even use effectively) this camera. My photography classes from college, the hours in the darkroom, the books weighing down my bookshelves – all completely useless. This digital creature is a whole new beast. As I am creeping my way through the user’s manual, I am longing for a Nikon for Dummies (do they even have that?) to translate all the terms. If you have any advice or resources, give a shout out to this new mom. I need all the help I can get!

Here are a couple of photos taken with the new camera, as well as the photos from yesterday’s post.



All partied out.

All partied out.

And here Birthday Week ends. Until next year…when my baby will be one year older and I, hopefully one year wiser.


3 thoughts on “my new baby

  1. Oh, yes! Here’s what you need – “Magic Lantern Guide Camera Manual for Nikon D2Xs & D2X” by Kevin Spreekmeester. I don’t know if amazon has it but Adorama (great photo site) does. I have the edition for my camera. I have a feeling that it would be even more helpful if I read it a bit more frequently. It was recommended by one of my photo mentors.

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