lunchbox snacks

My son has a lunchbox; not a lunch sack or cooler or pack. An actual metal lunchbox. And I love it. Because his lame mommy never bought him a lunch sack back in the fall, W brown-bagged it for most of the year. But in the spring, he saw this and had to have it.


I (and my guilt) felt it was worth the $12 and was duly rewarded twice a week as his beaming face brought his “real” lunchbox to preschool. He felt like the MAN carrying that box of tin into his classroom.

As for what goes into that lunchbox (and the three others), the contents don’t always elicit a smile. Being a foodie, it pains me to send junk food to school with my kids. Once in a while, I don’t mind them eating Doritos, Oreos, or cheese puffs, but I just cannot bring myself to pack those for lunch everyday. And because my foodies would rather bring lunch than buy (a good thing, right?), we’ve had to get creative.

In addition to half a sandwich (they only have time to eat half), a piece of fruit, and a water bottle, here are some ideas for healthy and tasty snacks:

  • Trail mix

trail mix

I just recently stumbled across this trail mix. It was sent home (along with oodles of candy!) with my two little foodies after a visit with their grandparents in NH. Trail mix that has chocolate and no raisins = delicious to me. I assume this mix is available at grocery stores. These little packs are handy, or just repackage a large bag into the smaller snack-size baggies. Trader Joe’s has an excellent assortment of trail mixes at reasonable prices.

41CX5kIU0hL._SL500_AA280_With this or similarly sized containers, the possibilities are endless. We have used ours for ranch dip (with carrots, cukes, red peppers), peanut butter (with apple slices or a banana), honey (with sliced fruit or graham crackers), homemade pudding, and yogurt.

  • Apple slices with cinnamon sugar

The foodies love this snack. They often don’t finish a whole apple, so by slicing two apples, tossing with some cinnamon sugar, and packaging in zipper bags, we get four snacks.

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10 thoughts on “lunchbox snacks

  1. Love the tin lunchbox! I saw some at Five Below recently and thought they were nostalgic.

    And that cinnamon apple thing is super. I am so gonna try this soon with my preschooler.


  2. GREAT ideas! I’m not looking forward to the return of lunch days, although I have it easy compared to you — and actually won’t have to pack Kyle’s at all! I also got Amanda trained to pretty much do her own last year, but she is always up for some new ideas.

  3. Fantastic! I get bored with making my son’s lunch every day, but he likes the same foods. He might decide he needs a change about once a month! 🙂

  4. I hate trail mixes with raisins…I have got to painstakingly sit there and pick all of them out…I will have to look for the raisin free one!
    Thanks for the tips!

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