back in the saddle

More like the driver’s seat.

School starts next week, and soccer and dance the week after that. So I’ll be getting reacquainted with my car and cell phone earpiece. I’ve always condemned the overscheduled mom, vowing I’d never be like them. Well, with two activities per child (except the 4 year old), I’m officially one of them. Which is fine with me, as long as I have some sanity during the day. Thank you, school.

So in these last few days before school, we will savor not having homework to complete, projects to create, sports to play, or music to practice. But when school rolls around, I’ll take hold of those precious quiet hours before the hectic afternoons, and then I’ll remind myself of the magical moments of summer.











Lest anyone think I’ve forgotten how to cook, I am back to the stove but feeling less than inspired. It’s finally hot (for a Yankee) in CT. Any no-cook or grilling ideas would be much appreciated.


One thought on “back in the saddle

  1. Yay! Back in the saddle on the ol’ blog. Great pics, and K learned to ski!

    I’m crock potting today. Making the Chalupa Dinner Bowls from Southern Living that you’ve made before. In fact, it takes a while to cook so I need to get going.

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