how did your garden grow?


Lame. That’s how ours was in this land of dampness and cold. After last year’s bounty, we worked hard for an even tastier harvest this year. But July delivered more rain than sun, and more days in the 70s than 80s, so August, usually the month of harvest, has been anything but. After a strong start with our cold-weather greens, we had sugar snaps, a few mushy tomatoes, and some scrawny peppers. And those are the edible crops. Our most interesting garden fruits were of the unplanned and inedible persuasion: Indian corn and pumpkins.

A fellow garden enthusiast gave my husband Indian corn kernels to plant with our hope of eventually having homegrown popcorn. The colors are wonderful (hubby took the corn photo—fantastic!). We’ve just plucked the kernels and are allowing them to dry before we experiment with the popping. Stay tuned.

And here are the surprise orange beauties:



After our doorstep pumpkins began to implode last Fall, we scooped up the remnants and deposited them into the compost pile in our field (aren’t we green suburbanites?). And without any planning, planting, or protecting, these pumpkins sprouted and matured just beautifully. The small one is my absolute favorite. The photos don’t do it justice. The skin on this pumpkin is such a perfectly smooth orange that we are going to save its seeds and plant them next year.

Or maybe we should just bury the little thing in the compost heap.




4 thoughts on “how did your garden grow?

  1. I thought we had global warming! Not here in northern Ohio. It was a cold summer and looks like a short one too. My tomatoes and peppers did ok but the rest was about 50% less compared to last year.

  2. Adorable pics!

    Even though I live in the same area as you, ours did great this year — for us, anyway. We moved our tomatoes to our very sunny deck in containers, and we’ve had a bounty crop. I have to pick a few more, and I’m not sure if the remaining green ones will turn red or not, but we’ll see. I think we still have some warmth to come.

    The deer enjoyed the broccoli, so we didn’t harvest it, and the corn didn’t really do well either. But we did get tomatoes!

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