french s’mores

As a back-to-school treat last week, I decided the kids would love to gather round the campfire (otherwise known as the propane grill) and make s’mores. They love toasting marshmallows.

But I just wasn’t excited about an ordinary graham cracker with sticky goo and slightly melted Hershey chocolate—again. We’ve kind of worn out the s’more thing this summer. So I had to dress it up, French style. I pulled chopped hazelnuts from the freezer, toasted them, then grabbed the Nutella from the pantry (a foodie staple) and fired up the grill. Here’s what we got:




And I even had some converts along the way:


Look at O’s intense devotion to her French s’more!

Now that’s amour.


4 thoughts on “french s’mores

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