panini heaven


Over Labor Day weekend, we went to a fellow foodie’s house. She makes the best potato salad on the face of the earth, so I told her if she made that, I would take care of the rest. Well, she also made a delicious bread and tomato salad. I don’t have her exact recipe, but it tasted pretty close to this one from epicurious.


Anyway, Donna dusted off her George Foreman grill, and we made panini sandwiches (I think this is redundant—doesn’t “panini” mean “sandwich”?). For the little foodies: rolls grilled with cheddar and turkey. For the rest of us: slices of Italian garlic bread—meaning there were chunks of roasted garlic actually in the bread—slathered with a lemony pesto and stacked with ribbons of salty prosciutto and soft layers of fresh mozzarella. We brushed them with olive oil and let George work his magic.



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