adieu gourmet

Picture 4

No more.

Gourmet is gone.  I’m not currently a subscriber.  I was a proud regular until I had children, and then I just didn’t have the time or the inclination to track down ingredients at my local Korean market (I live in the CT burbs) or read about some insanely remote and expensive journey.  But it is sad nonetheless.  Especially when I remember my mother poring over her monthly issue, with me tasting its fruits.  I am sure I have some issues (magazines, that is) in the basement somewhere, but fortunately for everyone the recipes are immortalized on epicurious.

Here are some links provided by fellow foodies with varied points of view on Gourmet‘s demise.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “adieu gourmet

  1. Well, you say that you don’t subscribe to either because of your busy family life but, if you couldn’t find so many great food sites on the web, do you really think that that would be the case? I used to subscribe to both but get neither now and I’m not so busy.
    A drawback is that I’m probably not getting as many new ideas as I tend to search for things that I sort of familiar with. The plus is that I don’t pay for the magazines and don’t have to worry about not having read them or recycling them.

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