cheese and tortas

What the heck is a torta? That was my question when I saw these several months ago at my local grocer. Finally, they went on sale, so I found out.





I have been eyeing these babies for months in the deli section. I always wondered, “Who buys those, and what are they for?” It’s hard to describe these tortas—they are more robust that a cracker but not as substantial as a pita. They come in savory and sweet varieties. What captured my attention was the use of olive oil. I adore the flavor of olive oil and drizzle it on soups, breads, salads, and pastas. So these tortas intrigued me.

Pictured above is the Sesame & Sea Salt variety. Anything with visible crystals of salt makes me drool. I had some Cambozola cheese on hand (thanks to my mom-in-law for introducing us), which turned out the be a perfect pairing. The crunchy saltiness of the torta with the creamy bleu of the cheese was a rich flavor.

Below are the sweet tortas. I tend to like the salty better, but the sweet is tasty with a cup of tea. (Frankly, when I crave something sweet, only chocolate will do. I didn’t see any chocolate-dipped tortas.) With the slight flavor of anise seed, these are sure to please those who don’t have an overactive sweet tooth.



I am pleased to have unwrapped this mysterious treat. I would buy both flavors again, especially if having guests over. The savory crisps would go well with any number of toppings, and the sweet tortas could be broken and the pieces served with ice cream and coffee. Here is the very creative website: Ines Rosales.


3 thoughts on “cheese and tortas

  1. and may I add that ….that Cambozola cheese is just about the best TO-DIE for cheese going…also brought to my attention by your very wonderful mother-in-law.

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