grilled cheese with jam

A few years ago, my foodie friend Nicole made a sandwich for me that would forever alter my view of grilled cheese. In addition to the cheese (I think it was Gouda), she slathered the whole grain bread with raspberry jam and a sprinkling of scallions. The contradiction of flavors was immediately addictive, and every subsequent grilled cheese has fallen far short.


So last week, as I stared into my uninspiring and half-empty refrigerator, I caught a glimpse of this jar of Bonne Maman along with a wedge of Gouda and it all came back to me. A little cherry preserves, one slice of Canadian bacon (purchased on the delusional hope that I would have time for Eggs Benedict), rings of sautéed purple onion, and some melted Gouda resulted in another delectably rich grilled cheese. So rich indeed that I only made half of a sandwich; perfect for a blustery Fall afternoon in New England. And with snow already falling here, these moments of warm, crunchy, salty, sweet perfection are a welcome distraction.



4 thoughts on “grilled cheese with jam

  1. This jam is THE BEST!!! I get all of the flavors. I am so glad that you did this recipe bc I secretly (not a secret now) put it on my sandwiches! I especially put them on turkey and chicken sandwiches. It is a sure way to get Erin to finish every last bite.

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