putting the garden to bed…for real


When I wrote this post, I thought all was said and done in the garden.  But I never really went out and looked at the garden.  Thus, when hubby said we were going to spend a recent afternoon cleaning up our fertile plot, I was perplexed.  To me, the last harvest indicated that our seasonal toil had ended.  Not so much.

Apparently, putting the garden to bed is not just picking the last of the veggies and closing the gate.  It also means ripping out the vines and weeds, turning the soil, adding compost and fertilizer, raking it all smooth, and topping the soil with a sprinkle of winter rye seed; i.e., hard work.

In concept, I love the idea of working the land (I know this is a stretch, we are after all in the thick of surburbia).  But when actually called upon to do so, I have some reservations.  It’s mainly the bugs and the dirt that bother me.  And maybe the sweat.

However, on this perfect Fall day (before it snowed), the little foodies and I followed our fearless leader into the jungle of the garden and worked hard—and actually enjoyed it.  G says that preparing the soil now will pay off next season.  I’ll be looking for payment in the form of tomatoes.



Although the photo above may appear to show two sisters handing off a rake, it’s actually two sisters fighting over a rake.  Not because they were eager to help but because raking was much easier than shoveling compost.  To see who won, look at the photo below.



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