this is why I love New England…

When it snowed a couple of weeks ago, I started looking at real estate in Florida and California.  Online, of course.  But as the snow melted and temperatures warmed, we witnessed that beautiful time of year when the trees put on one last display before they’re snowed under.  So between the snow and rain storms, we took to the great outdoors for some work (raking) and some play.


In addition to the colors, a New England Fall wouldn’t be the same without visiting the orchard and tasting real pressed cider and apple cider doughnuts. (This isn’t the exact recipe but it looks pretty close.  I won’t be making these because I don’t own or even want a Fry Daddy.  And because I can go down the street and buy them without risking my life near a vat of hot oil.)  These were the best doughnuts EVER (and we’ve had a lot of doughnuts over the years) because they were still warm when we bought them.  Mmmmm.


w apple


And if you think we went apple picking, you would be wrong.  We went to the orchard, took the photos, and bought the doughnuts and apples in the orchard shop.  I know that’s lame, but when the kids look back on these photos, they’ll think they went apple picking.  And we usually do the picking, but we had just raked leaves for two hours (another reason I was fantasizing about palm trees), and all we really wanted was the doughnuts.  The apples above, from left to right, are Mutsu (my favorite), Jonagold, and Granny Smith.

Here are a few shots of color to remember when the cold nights of winter come:







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