birthday gateau

As promised yesterday, here is the cake:


It looks pretty good, doesn’t it.  However, I’m not posting the recipe here for two reasons.  First, I cannot find the recipe anywhere on the internet and there’s no way I’m typing it out (it’s long).  Second, this cake took a long time to make, and the result was less than dazzling.  What sounded all sophisticated and French was really just a chocolate Boston cream cake in disguise.  But it was good enough to satisfy that female chocolate craving.  And the kids loved it.

To fulfill Jennifer’s need for pampering and keep her warm, Nicole gave her yummy smelling bath soaps (isn’t that mini bath milk jug cute?), and I picked out a pretty blue scarf.






You’re never too old for trick candles.  I love them.  And doesn’t Jennifer look great for 29?  Happy Birthday, friend.


3 thoughts on “birthday gateau

  1. Must say that this looks like a really fun party with lots of fabulous food. Congratulations to the birthday girl and all of those lucky enough to be there to eat in person!

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