in search of the perfect brownie

No, I haven’t found it yet.  But these are pretty close.


A couple of weeks ago, I was seized by a craving for brownies.   Not from-the-box brownies, although I am often pleasantly satisfied with those.  No, I needed that deep, almost truffle-like chocolate intensity.

After linking through several blogs, I stumbled upon this recipe from the Joy of Baking website.  Sometimes I can get a feeling for the taste of a brownie just by scanning the ingredients, and this one looked good.  Chunks of real chocolate, butter, and not too much flour.  The only part I omitted was the frosting.  A quality brownie, in my mind, should have a balance of chocolate and sweetness that can stand alone without the distraction of frosting.



So I made them sans frosting.  And they were good.  By good, I mean:

  • The chocolate flavor was deep.
  • The brownie was not overly sweet.
  • The texture was dense. (A good brownie always feels heavier than it looks.  If you pick one up and it seems light and crumbly, it’s not even worth the calories in the first bite.)

It was lacking in two areas:

  • Moistness.  The fudgy factor was not there.  Maybe if I make these again, I will undercook them to see if that yields the moistness level I enjoy.
  • A shiny, crackly top.  If you look at the picture, you’ll notice that the top layer is matte and wasn’t crispy.  I realize that brownie tasting is completely subjective, however, I like my brownies to have that glossy layer that gives a very slight crunch when I take a bite.

Analysis being done, these brownies flew into the mouths of the foodie family within 24 hours.  When it comes to chocolate, we’re not picky.

So I’ll continue the pursuit for the perfect brownie (according to me).  If  you have any links to your favorite, please share.


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