the gorilla wins every time

This is probably a sacrilegious time of year to bake cookies from refrigerated dough, but for those of you who will be too sick of the kitchen to care but are still hankering for homemade chocolate chip cookies, you’ll thank me.

I noticed two new varieties of cookie dough at my grocer’s. I passed them by the first time, but when I saw coupons for both of them in the Sunday paper, I decided there wasn’t much to lose and only a good shortcut to gain.

Let me regress for a moment and say that I discovered this frozen cookie dough a couple of years ago have been in love ever since.  But they are hard to find and a little pricey.  Plus, I have to wait til my little foodies go to bed to bake them or else they disappear in five minutes.  So in order to convince myself that the search and splurge were worth it, I had the Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Test (every child’s dream job).

The Contenders:

The Info:

Immaculate Baking Co. package (14 oz.) makes 24 small cookies and sells for $4.49 ($3.49 with coupon).

Pilsbury Simply dough (14 oz.) makes 12 large cookies and sells for about $3.99 ($2.50 with coupon).

600 lb. Gorillas makes 18 medium cookies and sells for $4.49 (18 oz).

The Testers:

The Double Fister

The Joker


The Results:

Simply on the left, Immaculate on the right.

The heavyweight champion.

There was not a moment of hesitation or disagreement:  the Gorilla won.  I cannot even describe how delicious these cookies taste.  They are sold in the freezer section instead of the refrigerated area and are worth every penny.  They taste better than Toll House cookies—homemade Toll House cookies.  Maybe they are so delectably addictive because the second ingredient is chocolate and the fourth is butter.  Whatever it is, they are worth every penny.  But what’s up with that name?


3 thoughts on “the gorilla wins every time

  1. I’ve been trying to decide what to give as holiday gifts to the 8-9 particularly special people who work at Hunter’s IGA in Wolfeboro. In one way or another they make my daily, early morning grocery shopping for my biz a fun experience, not to mention all the extra things they do for me….find me the freshest veggies, fish, flowers, tell me when things are going to go on sale, etc. They’ve become friends. But I don’t have time to bake dozens and dozens of homemade cookies. Gorilla cookies are it! The store does not carry them ( I think our BJs must have them) so hopefully they’ll be “new” and it’ll seem like I’ve baked my brains out for days. Lee, you NEVER let me down. You rock, my dear.

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