decking my brother’s halls

I know it’s post-Christmas, but I will linger because the season is fleeting and I didn’t get to share the incredible meal my brother and sis-in-law created.

The little foodies and I went to my brother’s house to trim the tree a couple of weeks before Christmas.  In addition to having a fun time, we had a delicious Pork Loin Stuffed with Fuji Apples served with a delectable wine, of which I know nothing but here’s a photo of the label.

My oldest nephew, who is approaching two years old, is appropriately all a-blur because he’s in constant motion and drawn to anything made of glass or fire.

The kids and I made two desserts, brought one with us, and ate the other later.  That may sound selfish, however there was good reason.  Halfway through the recipe for Chocolate Pie, I realized the eggs weren’t going to be cooked and may pose a slight threat to my baby nephews.  So we whipped up a substitute pie, and all was well.  And though the risk was great, we foodies devoured that dangerous pie and were the happier for it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our home to yours!


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