the trembling mountain

The past few days, we have been out of the country.  Doesn’t that sound glamorous?  Actually, we have been out of the country…in Canada.  I surprised G and the little foodies with a trip to Mont Tremblant to celebrate hubby’s 40th birthday.  His real birthday is next month, but with MLK Jr day, it was a perfect time to go and less crowded on the slopes.  We packed the car and headed north for seven hours (the portable DVD player was crucial for maintaining sanity).

Arriving in the late afternoon, we checked into our hotel and wandered around the small village.  Illuminated by fairy lights and streetlamps, the village was charming and bustling with the activity of a holiday weekend.  The kids were intrigued and a little intimidated by hearing everyone around us speaking French, but the shopkeepers and ski staff were all very friendly and willing to help the clearly American family. Here are a few shots around town.

View from our room.

The ice slide conveniently next to a bonfire with benches for warming up.

K with the resort mascot, Toufou the deer. The kids deducted that he must be a vegetarian because he is named after bean curd.

Husband getting W ready for ski school.

The family getting annoyed that I'm holding them up to take photos. They'll thank me later.

Now, about the food.  We stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn which has a full kitchen in every room, so on the way to the resort, we stopped at the local IGA and stocked up on supplies.  Breakfast was included, so I had planned to go out for lunches and cook dinner at the hotel.  This worked out really well, and we actually made lunch in our room everyday except one.  The girls were begging to go to Crêperie Catherine, so we went for lunch.  The girls had bacon, cheese and egg crepes (glorified egg sandwiches), while I had a crepe filled with egg, feta, onions, tomatoes and spinach.  It was delicious, but the moment I tasted G’s crepe, I fell victim to food envy.  His crepe of sausage, cheddar and sliced apples was incredible.  The béchamel sauce drizzled over it didn’t hurt either.

In addition to preparing tacos one night and a hearty beef stew another, we made breakfast for dinner.  The children were happy with scrambled eggs, but G and I wanted something tastier: a five-egg omelet with brie and tiny, tender asparagas.  Perfect after a day of skiing.

Brie and Asparagus Omelet

by foodie plus 4

[print recipe]

Note:  Do not use the broiler method with a nonstick pan.  Many nonstick surfaces are not made to withstand the high temperature of a broiler.

  • 5 eggs
  • dash of milk
  • a handful of asparagus
  • wedge of brie
  • butter (or nonstick spray)
  1. Whisk together eggs and dash (3-4 tablespoons) of milk.
  2. Steam asparagus until bright green, just a few minutes (I do this in the microwave with a bit of water in a shallow dish covered with wax paper).
  3. Slice however much brie you want.
  4. Turn on oven broiler to high.
  5. Heat medium skillet on medium low heat and melt butter, swirling around to coat the pan.
  6. Pour in egg mixture and let cook until just setting around the edges (about 3-4 minutes).  Turn off burner.
  7. Slide pan under the broiler, and DON’T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF OF IT!
  8. When bubbling and cooked on top, remove pan back to the stovetop.  Fill with asparagus and brie.  Fold over and let sit until the cheese melts.

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