slow cooker french dip wedges

Every week, You’ve Got Supper sends an email to me outlining dinner recipes and shopping lists for the week.  I usually scan the offerings and occasionally click on one that catches my fancy.  And this one surely did:  Slow Cooked French Dip.   This was a definite hit at our family table, feeding us for two nights and so easy to make in the slow cooker.  Some of the little foodies opted for the dip and some had their wedge sans dip, but either way the  meat was fall-apart tender with the juices soaking into the roll.  Ideally, I would’ve like to serve these on crusty French bread (hence the word “wedge”), but the rolls were all I had.  We altered the recipe (see link above) a bit: no beer, more broth, two Lipton Onion Soup packets and cheddar cheese instead of Provolone.  Delicious.


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