easter candy and the nutty cafe

My son was very quiet one day after Easter. And every mother knows, when there is too much silence, something’s going on. When I paused from working on the computer to ask what he was doing, he replied that he was making a snack for me. I was too lazy to get up and go downstairs to supervise, so this is what he proudly brought me for my afternoon snack.

He had unwrapped all of his chocolate and emptied most of his little plastic jelly-bean-filled eggs into this bowl, complete with a spoon, for my enjoyment. That is love. And he couldn’t have been more proud of his creation, serving it with a smile that melted this mom’s heart with his generosity.

A week later, he and his sister opened the Nutty Cafe (on our back patio) and invited hubby and me to be their first customers.We each had our own place setting at the Nutty Cafe, while the chef and her co-chef served us.

When you look at these photos, you may think that the entree was served on the plate-looking slabs. Wrong. Those large “plates” of wood actually contain “dessert,” while the other courses and drinks were served in the nutshells. Clearly, we’ve raised our children with proper priorities.


2 thoughts on “easter candy and the nutty cafe

  1. Did you cry? I would have!
    And the hickory nuts! We had a tree in our front yard growing up. The outer layer turned by hands brown as I struggled to separate it from the little, hard shell which I cracked with a hammer. All worth it for the little bits of sweet, moist meat. Thanks for jarring the memory.

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