was mother’s day really a month ago?

Well, I have quite a pile, so to speak, of photos waiting to be set free onto this blog. I’m not sure how superhero mothers work and regularly blog, but I’ve realized I am not one of them. However, because of an unexpected lull in editing, here I am.

Mother’s Day was particularly sweet this year. I’m not sure why it stood out. Maybe it was the extra effort by my kids. It could have been the tasty Hollandaise sauce. Perhaps it’s that as I get older, I realize that those quiet afternoons enjoying my three gals and little guy are fleeting.

Take a look at my homemade treasures.

On Mother’s Day Eve, hubby made me one of my favorites, grilled lamb chops marinated in soy sauce, Dijon mustard and rosemary.

The actual morning brought the annual breakfast in bed with Eggs Benedict flanked by leftover spring asparagus. Does it get any better than that?

Yes it does. The breakfast came with an art show and jewelry.

Little man made me a pin, which I wore to church. (Nothing like prison-orange to spruce up an outfit.)

O made me this very sweet heart design, which actually shows that she planned far enough ahead for the glue to dry.

K constructed a box from Popsicle sticks, further proving my hunch that she’s heading for some kind of architectural or engineering vocation.

She had also been working on an edible something since the day before. It was a surprise. And to add to the suspense, she picked the hardest recipe out of her favorite baking book. And hubby had to be her pastry assistant. There were some tense moments. But we finally ended up with these, and all was well…and delicious. (If you dare to try this recipe for Bee Stings from Sweet Melissa’s Baking Book, click here. And good luck!)

And M picked a few flowers and petals from our yard to create a beautifully delicate heart.  Which exactly exemplified my feelings about the day because my heart was bursting with pride in our little clan.

To conclude the day, we dragged ourselves and our swollen stomachs to Homegoods (LOVE this store) and picked up a couple more passengers for our car. Seriously, we had to strap these suckers in to their seats, hoping they would make it safely home. And the best part was that these huge planters were a total of less than $80!

Blender Hollandaise Sauce

by foodieplus4’s mom-in-law

[click here to print]

  • 2 sticks butter
  • 5 egg yolks
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • dash of white pepper
  • dash of Tabasco
  1. Boil butter in a heavy saucepan.
  2. Put egg yolks, lemon and spices into blender.
  3. Pour hot butter into the active blender in a slow and steady stream.

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