dad’s turn

Because we celebrate all things with food, Father’s Day was another feast. As with Mother’s Day, we started off with a yummy brunch. But being a much more industrious person than I am, G doesn’t like to wait for breakfast in bed, so we ate like civilized folk at the dining room table.

The girls made Egg Nests, which are delicious and perfect for little hands of all ages to make. From shredding the cheddar and chopping the ham to cracking the eggs and buttering the bread, there is a job for everyone. Basically, butter some white bread, stuff it down into a greased cupcake tin, pour in some scrambled eggs and sprinkle with diced ham and cheese. Then cover with foil and cook for 25 to 30 minutes at 350°F until firm.

For dinner, there’s no way faster to my man’s heart than lobster. But since it was hotter than the hinges of hell, as my dad says, I opted to go out to pick up our succulent friend. One of our occasional stops when we need some quick eats is Stew Leonard’s. This dairy store has so much more than just milk and ice cream. And on this day, we stopped in for a freshly steamed lobster, a couple of lobster rolls (my dinner –  two for $9.99!) and various foods of choice for the kids.

Anyone who knows my husband will understand from the photos that not one shell was left uncracked. G is relentless in his pursuit of the delicate lobster meat. Even the small legs and the body are plundered for their bounty, however small that may be. While the rest of us should be finishing dessert, G is usually just laying down the last hollow shell. And however annoying that may be to someone (or four someones) who only eats dinner to get to dessert, it’s a perfect example of what makes my man a great father. He is patient and perseveres. When there are obstacles in the way, he doesn’t take the easy way around, but rather works at removing the obstacle so that others coming behind him will have an easier time.

So while cracking open a lobster doesn’t always conjure up images of wise fathers to most, I’ll always admire the care and precision G takes with his meal. Knowing that if he takes that much effort to extract the best out of a lobster, he takes that much more care to bring out the best in those he loves.


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