about the garden

With our whirlwind summer, which is definitely over despite what the calendar says, I have not posted any photos of our pride and joy: the garden.

You’d think that because G is a horticulturist we would be showing off some beautiful potted annuals, perennial beds and lush landscaping. Maybe someday.

As for now, we’re putting our energy into our vegetable garden. The dividends are a little tastier. So here it is, from start to almost finish, in all of its glorious color.

The early days included spinach, cilantro, lettuce, radishes and strawberries, some of which were camera shy, so this is all I got!

Then came the sugar snaps, while we waited for the peppers and tomatoes.

But they were worth the wait.

The kids all fight over who gets to dig for potatoes first. They ended up taking turns. And being totally fine with it because they were actually being told to dig in the dirt. Sorry, soil. As my husband reminds me, it’s supposed to be called soil. Dirt is what’s hiding (or obvious) in the corners of my house.

And just to show you what we’re up against as far as flowering plants go, check out our once beautiful hostas. Which is literally one foot from our door. Those deer have no shame.


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