finnish finds part 2: the pastries

One day, Cyndi decided I needed to taste all the delectable Finnish pastries I’ve been missing. In one sitting. We kept it small and only ordered four treats with our coffee. But we did get a few stares as we sat down to our dessert (it was lunch time).

Cakes that look perfect usually lack in flavor and freshness in the States. Not so in Finland. Not only were these little darlings dressed to impress, the tender crispness of the meringue and the creamy goodness of the filling were equally beautiful to my tastebuds.

Princess cake (with green marzipan)
Kinuski/tjinuski (caramel cake)
Budapest (chocolate hazelnut meringue with mandarin orange creme filling)

Just recalling this next one is making my mouth water. It was my favorite.

Märäng-banan rulltårta (banana white-chocolate meringue swiss roll)

And if I remember correctly, we prepared for this outing by wearing clothing with elastic waistbands. It was worth it.


7 thoughts on “finnish finds part 2: the pastries

  1. A fellow mom (Kelley C.) at my kid’s preschool just told me about your blog and I am loving it. You had me a Princess Cake. Yum! I’ve never seen those pastry papers…muffin cups…whatever they are with the brown detailing in the states. They look so elegant. I wish I had a gross of them.

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