finland and all its beauty

I took hundreds of photos while in Finland, most of which were not of food. The architecture and color schemes are so different than what we find in most neighborhoods in the states that I couldn’t stop snapping pics. I particularly loved the colorful houses trimmed with woodwork. And even the smallest homes had meticulously maintained yards and beautiful gardens. Maybe it’s the short season that inspires people there to diligently work the land. Whatever the reason, the landscape and even the towns were a feast for the eyes.


The interior of a local church. There are small radiators under each pew for warmth in the winter.


A graveyard tucked away off a country road.


An example of the colorful buildings and tidy lawns


Beautiful fences blended in with the landscape.


Small sheds in each field stored the hay harvest.

The cafe at a community garden


Our little friend at the community garden

Charming shingled cupola


An old neighborhood that used to house a community of workers


Love this color and the window detail.


Lovely and playful blue door


Again, fantastic woodwork and vibrant colors


Sunset around 11p.m.


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