sandwich v. tooth

When we sat down to dinner last week, we didn’t know that a battle would be fought between this Caesar Club Sandwich and my 6-year-old son’s tooth. But a few minutes after dinner, my son declared the sandwich the winner: he had lost his first tooth.

As you can see in every fiber popping out of his neck, he was very excited, particularly because tooth = money. Immediately he wanted to know how  much I thought the tooth fairy would leave under his pillow. I replied I didn’t know, but when I was young (way back when), she left me a quarter. He was hoping for more and passed on that his classmate got $20 for his last tooth. Right. Next she’ll be leaving iPads. And even though I had this sarcastic thought in my head, foodie son seemed to read my mind and say that this was the same boy who had an iPad. Smiling through the disdain, I instructed him to run along and put his Ziplocked tooth under his pillow and get some sleep.

In the morning, he brought his bright grin and clenched hand into the kitchen to proudly display his earnings: his very own $1 bill. This brought back the memory of that moment of anticipation when I would wake up sleepy and slow, then bolt upright remembering my tooth, slipping my hand expectantly under my pillow searching for that smooth round quarter. That beloved fairy never disappointed me.

And as for the sandwich that finished the job that squeamish fingers couldn’t? Incredibly delicious. A while ago, my cousins each made this for me before I made it and tucked the recipe in my file. So recently, while wondering what to do with a lovely ciabatta bread, I remembered the salty crunch of pancetta and the bite of fresh arugula in this sandwich. Perfect for sandwich night in our home. All the foodies enjoyed, even if one picked off the arugula.


2 thoughts on “sandwich v. tooth

  1. Love that boy.
    Love that tooth-less, excited all-boy grin.
    Love that sandwich. Man- why can’t we live closer and meet for lunch?
    Love y’all!

  2. That looks SO good! Very excited for W. I miss him (and all of you!).

    Kyle lost 2 teeth within a few days last month. He is now disappointed that he gets only a $1 and tells me that most people get more. He was hoping for a fiver. Poor children who have stingy (realistic!!) tooth faires!!

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