flying the coup

This month, my oldest little foodie was hard at work with three of her friends on her art enrichment project. The four girls spent many hours creating a larger-than-life Tweety Bird “scarecrow.” After enduring afternoons filled with wire puncture wounds, fingers crusted with paper mache and paint-spattered extremities, the girls were ready to let Tweety fly the coup, so to speak.

And because my perfectionist daughter was a diligent worker, kept the project on track and remained on-track with her other work, she got one of these. (She would add, FINALLY.)

The deal was we would lower our minutes, which we never used completely anyway, to pay for the unlimited texting and part of the monthly plan, and she would pay for the phone. After seeing the price of the Blackberry she was admiring, she wisely chose the refurbished Envy, which had the exhilarating pricetag of $0.

So Tweety and my daughter both earned some form of freedom this week. Although with the impending rain, Tweety may be longing for his former captivity.


3 thoughts on “flying the coup

  1. Awww…. not only do you make beautiful babies (responsible ones too!),,, you make cute, rather large, chicks too!!! Great job “capturing” the little bird before he flew the coup. Now if you could just get my husband to stop saying “I tought I saw a puddy-cat”, I would be eternally grateful 😉

    Kudos to my beautiful, eldest, niece on her fine negotiation skills as well. She certainly earned it!

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