memorial day: family + food

It’s been a crazy time of year in our household. Hubby and I both got new jobs, there were soccer tournaments and dance recitals, and my eighth grader is “graduating” to the high school, which comes with a slew of celebrations (that’s another conversation). So it was nice to take time out to visit with family.

But in the midst of the good times, there’s always time for food. Here are some shots of our casual feast at my brother’s house over Memorial Day. If you’re not a meat eater, these steaks might change your mind. They were rubbed with a dry spice rub and grilled. Simple perfection.

And to cool off on the warm evening, I made some naughty and nice white sangria. Kids’ pitcher with extra apple juice and adults’ jug with extra wine. The recipes are here.

And of course, there’s no surer sign of summer than s’mores. These cousins were very proud of hunting through the woods and emerging victorious with their roasting sticks.


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