summer food…a feast for the eyes

Lately, I haven’t had much time to invest in blogging. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating, obviously.

Here are a few of my food memories from summer. And because pictures say more than my words can, here goes.

Nothing says summer like ice cold bottled coke.

Salad to go. I put this together for 5 Minutes for Food.

Frozen hot chocolate at Hershey. Chocolate overload – not one of them could finish it.

Katie created my uncle’s 90th birthday cake. It was amazing! Barefoot Contessa’s cake with this frosting.

A celebration of summer berries – recipe here.

Barefoot Contessa strikes again. I modified her Tri-Berry Oven Pancakes and made them in muffin tins. Spectacularly light and delicious.

Goodies from the garden. How sweet they were.

Camping gourmet style: balsamic grilled chicken and roasted buttered corn.

And finally, the pinnacle of summer eating: the New England lobster roll.


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