I don’t buy cookbooks too much anymore. More often I rely on websites and magazines for inspiration. However, there are a few whose pages are well stained and earmarked. In addition to this list, I have found many tasty recipes in locally published or community cookbooks.

And my wish list:

[Update: My foodie mother-in-law sent me BOTH of the above cookbooks (specifically, Back to Basics from Barefoot Contessa) for my birthday. I’ve already made my grocery list and can’t wait to get started. Thanks, Kate! ]


8 thoughts on “Cookbooks

  1. Hey foodie friend!! Tom and I both agree – The King Arthur Flour 200th Anniversary Cookbook is the definitive baking cookbook and all-around reference for anything related to baking. I will bring it when I see you!

  2. Just to give you a heads up – I’ll be leaving replies on here often 🙂
    The other one I always go to is my Fannie Farmer Cookbook. OH!!! And since Christmas, I love Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals. That’s all for now.

  3. You are too fun! I love this! My favorite collection of recipes came from a well organized recipe swap and sample night at a girlfriend’s house. About 10 of us brought copies of at least 4 of our favorite, easy, kid-pleasing recipes. Each girl brought her favorite dish and we had a ball tasting and bonding over recipes.
    Next best – the junior league cookbooks from different places I’ve lived are well- worn. Like you, friends have been praising the Barefoot Contessa lately for consistently yummy recipes. I’ll have to ask my friend about baking, her mom is a pastry chef.

  4. Love that Contessa.
    “back to the basics” is her new one…at least it was at Christmas. Really good.
    “Great Food Fast”…Martha S.
    “The Vegetable Dishes I Can’t Live Without”…Mollie Katzen.
    A girl CANNOT ever have enough cookbooks.

  5. The Colorado Collage from the Junior League of Denver is a favorite among the ladies in my family. Also love the new Contessa Back to Basics.

  6. Hi Foodie, Your mother-in-law and her “boys” are long time friends of mine. P and I went to nursery school together! She sent along your Blog to my mom who passed it on to me and I’m loving it. When I first saw it I thought, “This lady has got to check out the Barefoot Contessa’s newest cook book.” I’m glad Kate bought it for you for your b-day. My favs: Cape cod salad, parmesan and thyme crackers, spanakopitas, pasta with pecorino, potato and leek soup and the Spring Risotto is to die for. You’ve inspired me to try grilled watermelon (yum!) and grilled pizza. Keep it simple and keep it delicious!

  7. By far, one of the best baking cookbooks is Baking with Julia. If you haven’t seen the PBS series I highly recommend searching for it on-line and previewing a few episodes before purchasing the book. Some of the recipes are complex, like Martha Stewart’s wedding cake, but others are easy and have become staples in our kitchen, fruit galette.
    Check out our website too when you get the chance.
    Jason (& Steve)

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